Realtime Location

Our TrackMEIT GPS tracking units are configured to give location updates every minute when the vehicle's ignition is on combined with our system intergration with google maps you can view the vehicles location as it moves in realtime, mapview or satelite view. By the way, you can have a feel of our system by requesting for a Demo account Here.


With our system you can see the speed at which the vehicle is moving at in realtime, with a specified speed limit by you we can configure SMS notifications when the vehicle hits the speed limit specified. All information is stored, you can review speeds at any time .


With a fuel level installed on the vehicle ,Our units are able to transmit fuel level readings in realtime as it updates the location of the vehicle,the data is stored on our servers and can be pulled out as reports at any time.Furthermore we are able to set fuel steallings alarms that trigger when the fuel level moves drastically.


We are more than willing to map certain areas on the map that are of interest to you and enable SMS or event notifications when the vehicle enters and leave's those mapped area's. Less talk try out our free Demo now Here

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